POI forest fire occurance how to represent?

Hi there folks
I wonder if how a POI could be set that comes up in the .img zip at http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php
Looking at Tasmania Walls Jerusalem area for instance, I see a node name=Damascus Gate which is visible in potlatch but not on Maperitive view 146.3164 41.8306 zoom 15

Whilst in the area I noticed a large sweep of dead pencil pines which turned out to be from 1961/2 fires.
Thinking this to be a worthy POI, I wonder how best to represent it on OSM, in a way which comes out on the .img

I would suggest a forest area with a name of “Deceased Pencil Pines” or similar with a note as such. Hope this helps

I think the basic idea of mapping this as a separate forest/woodland parcel is fine.

You could also add additional tags burnt=1961 and species:en=Pencil Pine. Using a date gives a bit more clarify than just burnt=yes, because some burnt areas may regenerate over shorter periods.