(PocketPC) Gosmore and Glopus problem

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to install some (free) software that is able to use OSM data on my Medion MD PNA 150 (Windows CE NET 4.2 Core - ARM4 GPU) for some geo-caching (Its been lying around for quite some time, since our car now has its own navigation system)

Since the device is rather old and has an relatively old Windows (4.2) installed on it, it is quite difficult to find software that runs on it (Mostly PocketPC 2003 software without .NET Compact 2.0+ requirement). Currently running are for example:

  • Glopus [#]

  • Gosmore [#]

  • GnsTester

  • GPXSonar

  • NaviPOWM

  • VisualGPS

  • Geocaching

  • Navit

  • GAPI for HPC

  • FoxitReader

  • WinWatch

  • ResInfo

  • Notepad

  • ExecutibilityCheck

  • RegEdit / TRE

  • TaskBar

  • Default MP3 Player

(Using some PocketPC/HandheldPC DLL packs for gx.dll, aygshell.dll, ect.)

My problem now is, that Gosmore for example runs fine (and looks promising) but I can’t for the life of me not figure out how to change a setting.

First I open the options via the O-Button:
(Screenshots taken on PC-Version, since it has the same behavior)

And then I click for example on comm port:
(Screenshots taken on PC-Version, since it has the same behavior)

But nothing is editable/click-able there, and this window looks the same (only different text) for every option) … :-/

The other issue is with Glopus, which also starts fine at first, but than hangs once every dialog has loaded and at this moment the credits/info-panel would be displayed in the PC-Version… :-/

Anybody else ever had those issues? :open_mouth: