Plugin List Not Showing in JOSM- I Think?

Hi all,

I’ve recently (tried) to go back to using JOSM and I’m trying to add some plugins - but I cant. I followed the instructions here:

but when I click on ‘Download List’ button the box comes up saying ‘Downloading list from JOSM etc etc’ but then goes away and nothing else happens: no list appears, just the same 4 plugins that were there before and no list of more to add. I’ve seen/used the list in the past when I used JOSM before, so I know what it looks like. Any suggestions - am I just missing something obvious?

Cheers, Will

Maybe something is wrong with your JOSM setting files?

Try to delete the folder where all JOSM settings are into … or rename the folder … so that you have a kind of factory reset for JOSM.

The location of that folder is described in the wiki page you mentioned.