"Please wait - loading presets"

Warning: New user on OpenStreetMap !

Just signed up for OpenStreetMap and browsed to one of my favourite places, Berlin. I noticed that a hotel wasn’t labelled, and as I’ve been there decided to click the “Edit” tab to see if I can add a label/name to the hotel.

When I do so, I get a message “Please wait - loading presets”. So I waited. :wink:

After a while I got bored waiting, went into a 1-hour meeting, and found the message still displayed flashing in the map pane when I got out of the meeting…

The “notification” area (not sure what you call it) has a flashing triangular sign that we call a Hazard sign in the UK.

Any ideas what the problem is?

Thanks in advance for your ideas / education about OSM !




Firefox 3.5.3 or IE 8.0 on Windows XP.
Flash player (etc.)

I saw this mentioned on irc last night, but don’t know if there was a resolution. Just FYI.

Thanks - seems to be OK now.

The /!\ indicates that the editor (Potlatch) couldn’t connect to the server. A refresh probably fixes it.