Please undo my edit

I was editing the shoreline and merged two nodes that were close to each other which led to the lake accidentally being deleted.

I checked the lake object and there doesn’t seem to be any errors. It’s not deleted also.

The object is rather large and complex so the iD-Editor might show an abstract area style on the object and it will look cut off/skewed. That’s because there is data not loaded into the editing view.

Hi. I looked at your changes (via this tool), and noticed you also added a handful of islets. However, they won’t appear as land unless you also make the islets inner members of the lake relation. Assuming iD handles relations of this size, you can see how it’s done by examining some other pre-existing islands.

If the islands are wooded, you can also tag their outline as natural=wood or landuse=forest.

As a whole, the lake doesn’t appear broken to me.