Please help repair my error!

I apparently made an error during editing which has caused a large lake in my area to render incorrectly. The water area no longer shows as blue. I’ve been unable to locate the error that has caused this problem. I was editing near this location :
My edits involved removing a non-existent small islet that was incorrectly shown. All other features in the area are now correct, but the water doesn’t render as blue. Also note: there are navigation marks and features in that area that render in openseamap. These show as seamark: types. They are not the source of the error and should not be modified.
Thanks for your help!

Attempting fix in this changeset:

During your edits, you accidentally stripped all tags from the lake multipolygon, rel#179635. I re-added them. I believe the problem is solved.

Relation tag history:

Problematic changeset was #51940825


Thanks very much for your help.
The water rendering seems to be fixed, but it looks like all the individual islands in the lake have lost their names and other tags particular to each island that were afixed to the ways that are ‘inner’ members of the Lake George relation.?

I can see five changes:

  • You removed all lake tags (fixed above)

  • You removed “name=Lake George Islands Campground” from a relation which covers many Islands. I re-added this now. Is that OK? (See changeset #52257991 and rel#6385471)

  • “Diamond Island” seems to be rendering its name. (you created a placed=island node). Looks fine.

  • Several seamarks and feature deletions that don’t seem relevant to name problems. Looks fine.

  • Edit: nevermind the following remark. It’s tagged properly. old text:
    There’s a campsite named “Long Island” on the other island, perhaps it should be a “place”?

I’ve absolutely no knowledge on this but it seems you deleted an islet (east of Diamond island). In the satellite image I can actually see a small submerged landmass. Perhaps the water level was lower at some point in the past and this wasn’t below water level? I wonder how OSM should map seasonally disappearing islets…

Yes, regarding the small islet I removed, there once was an islet there that was destroyed several years ago by the movement of the winter ice cover. It will not be returning seasonally The water level is closely regulated (by law) at the dam at the lake’s northern outlet. It’s remnant is now submerged several feet. My original goal was to remove this now non-existent islet.

Of greater concern:
There are more than 100 islands in Lake George. These were previously all tagged with their individual names and these names once all displayed on the map. I think the names were all attached to the ways that are the “inner” members of the Lake George relation. It is a great loss of valuable information that all these names are lost.

At this point, it would be better if all my recent edits effecting the Lake George relation were undone and the map reverted to its state in early September before I made any changes. Is that possible? If so, please do that.

I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks again. I’m sorry I’ve made such a mess.

I’ve actually traced your edits from 20 days ago and I did not see the names you’re talking about. I might have missed something and I’ll check again later.

I can confirm there are island names on the “inner” polygons, but your edits did not touch them at all and they are not lost from the database. Perhaps we just need to wait for the renderer to settle? It’s still rendering the area on some zoom levels, and ruining the relation might have caused this.

We all make mess sometimes. That’s okay :slight_smile: