"Please don't map" area?

Hello all

Been mapping for a while now but just got onto forum so first post!

Been having fun recently entering data for areas I know.

Marked a church, which has a women’s refuge attached as a separate establishment.

Wasn’t certain that I had the exact name of the refuge so did a search to confirm.

First result was a list of refuges / emergency accommodation with their entry (which confirmed that I had the right name), but the attached location map was blank, with a note “This group have requested that there location not be shown”, which is pretty reasonable for a refuge when you think about it!

So, is there any way of marking them on OSM as a “Please don’t map” area?

I cancelled what I was doing & just left the church, but there’s nothing stopping someone else from going in tomorrow & mapping them against their wishes :frowning:


It was iterated several times, if it’s marked on the ground everyone can map it. It’s not clear what you mean by “name”, obviously names of private persons don’t belong on the map (like written on door - but then in company names they’re fine to map), but privacy is only one of the reasons.

It’s very weird of them to sign a location and then discouraging anybody from disclosing it (?). The consensus it that no-one can be stopped.

Hi Rico

Sorry for delayed response - got caught up in other things.

Thanks for that info - I just wasn’t sure if people / groups could request they not be mapped, as you can do with Google Earth & StreetView.

But, if we work on the “if it’s signed, map it” theory, I’ll get it mapped!