Please be my Hero

Looking to highlight only the venue and nearby parking lots. That is all, you would save me so much time if this is quickly possible. Thanks

I think you have sent this to the wrong place. I think you needed to address this to the operators of “the venue”.

We have no idea which venue you are talking about.

Also OSM is not about how the map appears, but about the data, and the mappers would be at fault if they only concentrated on one particular feature.

I would also note that many businesses, when they use Google maps, don’t even check that their own business is mapped in the correct place. Usually it isn’t because it has been mapped from postcode, not from what is on the ground. OSM postcode coverage is not that good, so OSM users generally only use it if there business has been manually mapped, and, in those cases, it is likely to in the right place…

If there is information missing from the map, you could add a map note onto the However, as the map is maintained by volunteers, it may take a long time to implement. You can also map it yourself, but you need to do so for all users of the map, not just for those searching for a particular venue.

The easiest way for a small business to customise the map is probably for them to create an image of the map and add details by hand, using a painting program, or possibly better, export it as SVG and use inkscape or similar (but that will be beyond the skills of most operators of even large venues).

There might be third party tools for automatically identifying parking for a given venue, but that would require rather more accuracy and detail in the map for that area than is typically the case. In particular, there are areas in which no distinction has been made between public and private car parks.