Platforms on top of roofs and buildings?

Hi, I’ve looked at several train stations and similar places where the platforms are rendered above the buildings, roofs and even bridges.

Here’s an example:

What’s the reason behind that and how do I fix it? It hasn’t always been like that.

The building is already at least one layer too high (2 as against the default 0 for the platform), so I think the answer is that you can’t fix it, as the map is not wrong, just the rendering.

Hmm, so will there be a fix for that? It’s really bugging me.

AFAIK, the current rendering is intentional: by rendering platforms and railways on top, you can actually see the layout of the railway station, which may be useful for micro-level orientation. With buildings rendered on top, you wouldn’t even know for sure which tracks actually run through the station, or actually end inside the complex, like with a head station.

Sure, but if you put it in a above layer shouldn’t that overrule the rendering priorities?

Not necessarily. The layer key describes the vertical ordering of things in the real world. This information is available to renderers, but whether and how they make use of it is up to the designers of the render style.

The default map style happens to render things by a defined priority, rather than according to real life top-down order. This allows “important” things such as roads to be visible even in places where they are covered by buildings or similar features. So this is likely not an error, but simply works as intended by the map style’s designers. Opinions may vary on whether this design decision was/is a good idea, of course.