planning to host OSM server in our data center - need help on specs

We are planning host OSM server in our data center. I would like to know your experience.

Based on my reading, it looks like , i need to setup tiles server and DB (Postgre or mySQL).

What kind of configuration i need to start with? Please share your experience with owning the server on your data center? Any tips will help me.

Your other question suggests that you’re asking about a tile server here. Is that it, or do you really want your own OSM API as well?

If a tile rendering server, how much data do you plan to render - the whole world, or a smaller area? If the whole world I’d definitely test things out with a smaller area first.

What about things like address lookups (e.g. Nominatim) or routing?

We would like to setup complete OSM server with DB loaded and API’s. My initial question in other forum, was not clear when i posed.

We may need whole planet. Right now our plan is use the API to connect to cloud server OSM. But our management thinks that, if we can setup the server in our data center, it will be beneficial for us for the data retrieval.

We are using this for our telematics service, so we can track the route on road and off road.

What is the benefit of tiles server? Can i just setup OSM server and live with it or do i need tiles server?

(not really an answer to the question, just curious, but…)

How will you combine data that you have added to your API with data that people have added to “the real” OSM?

Perhaps this project is of help for you?