planet.gpx - again

Dear all.,

I have sticked up my head before on this a few weeks back and, at a small risk of being qualified a pest, I am doing this again on the dev forum.
As some other people, I am interested in getting my hands on the planet.gpx file - i.e.: the dump of all (obeying privacy preference)
user-uploaded gpx traces. This is for certain offline analysis. The traces are not easily downloadable, and any attempt to scripting for
bulk downloads, is understandably, discouraged (see:

I know that the osm admins accepted the task (of producing and publishing planet.gpx) on their backlog. I also have reasons to believe,
that I have the irc:#osm-dev nick of the person responsible, which i choose not to disclose for now in case they would mind and which regrettably
doesn’t obviously match any openstreetmap username - my attempts to contact them on irc have failed.

I am then taking the liberty of re-registering my interest (in a bit more lasting way) on this forum hoping that either:

  • I can, very politely indeed, encourage developments in this area;
  • Obtain some approximation of ETA;
  • Get in touch with the individual responsible for executing the task;
  • Perhaps offer some help if that can speed things up in any conceivable way;
  • Work out if there are alternative means of getting hold of the gpx traces - I am after bulk data (something getting close to 1M traces),
    not necessarily any way fresh, having a good proportion of cycling traces.

with very kind regards

There was a recent thread on the dev list, and there are more people than you interested in this export :

So, sorry, no solutions, just to say I’m interested as well. But I don’t want to dig in ruby code to spend days for something that could be done with just a simple scraping script.

ps: as a matter of fact, I did write that script and launched it to collect 200k tracks in a few hours but got banned afterwards. I’d like to finish the remaining 4/5 and publish that to avoid doing it again, but I guess it wont please the admins

By the way, in case it might be usefull, here are raw osm gpx tracks download from id 1-to-218054 :

A lot of pre-processing is needed as there are many kinds of format (gpx, zipped gpx, tared gpx, multi-tracks, …)

@Sly: thanks a lot!!
This is potentially a very good start to tune my algos before this opens wider. Downloading…
The question stands though.

@sly, Just to let you know, i’ve set the download bandwidth limit to 50kbps not to bash your server too much, but it will last over a day - hope you won’t ban me :slight_smile:

50kbps ???

The file is 5GB, at such speed it will take 8 days, so I guess you meant 50kB/s, but still…

Man ! this is a server I have, not a plastic toy, come on, push the beast ! It should be able to serve up to 100Mb/s for a 8 minutes download !

kidding, just do as you want, I’m not paying the bandwidth so it doesn’t matter.