Placing images on the map (Colocar imagens no mapa)

How to put images in the added constructions? I put links with the building images, squares and monuments, but everything has been removed.

Como colocar imagens nas construções adicionadas? Eu coloquei links com as imagens de prédio, praças e monumentos, mas tudo foi retirado.

I think you have to explain a bit better what you mean.
Which software did you use to add the images ?

Do you mean that you added values to the image tag for the buildings, monuments, etc ?
Where do you expect the images to show up ?

Can you link to an object where you added an image ?
with this image:

by the way: this is not big enough for a monument:

The wiki says:

I would not expect any of the commonly used map rendering tools to make use of the image.

Also the link given is not to the image, but to a page containing the image. The actual image is, and if there is a tool that renders images, I’d expect to abandon the attempt when it gets text/html media, rather than image/* media.

The best map for historical objects is But it will only show images that have a proper open license. They have implemented some algorithms to extract license information from some websites, but not all. The best thing you can do is donate your image to Wikipedia Commons with an open license and link to that image.