Place name representations

I holidayed in Kefalonia, Greece recently and am in the process of adding missing data. I note that OpenStreetMap displays place names in Greek in that area. I understand this because the Greek name is alongside the ‘name’ key and the English name is alongside the following ‘name:en’ key, therefore taking priority. I have downloaded Greece from to use in Garmin BaseCamp. There, I see those same place names display in English. I wonder how that works and whether there is a facility to view place names in English in OpenStreetMap without overturning a user’s previous work (which I have no intention to do).

One starting point about that topic can be the OSM wiki about

Try the “Mapquest Open” style. You can choose that layer on or
That has names in English as well as a the local/default language.

I thank you for your reply; that helps, certainly. I wonder, do you know how frequently the MapQuest version of OpenStreetMap is updated? I should like to be able to view such a map that shows my recent additions.