picture as backgroundimage in the editor

it would be very cool, if we could load an image as an backgroundlayer in the editor.
so we could take changes faster and more detailed.

don’t forget:

  1. the backgroundimage has to be moveable (or something like that… sry for bad endlish if it isn’t correct :wink: ), to fit it to the right place of the map
  2. you have to be able to scale the picture (for fiting it, too)

This can already be done using a WMS, (geotagged) image or slippymap server or using the http://www.walking-papers.org website. See for example the JOSM plugins.

On SoTM I learned that you can also load the walking-papers scans into Potlatch but I can’t find any info on how to do this.

Walking Papers has Potlatch embedded by default, so you don’t need to do anything.

Potlatch will also let you use any spherical Mercator tileset with the same naming system as OSM, Google, Yachoo etc.

I don’t have any plans for Potlatch 1.x to support arbitrary untiled background images, but it could be considered for 2.0.

thx lambertus, works and is what i wanted :smiley:

Here’s some info on background images in the Potlatch editor.