picking a tag for this barrier

What tag would you use for this type of barrier? I mean those white formed metal pipes at left of image along the cycle way).

They might be used in different situations: forming a temporary square, separating opposite direction of ways, blocking access of motor-vehicles, etc.

maybe ‘separator brace(s)’ ?

The barrier type is fence. The real question is what is the fence type, and is it supposed to allow pedestrian’s through, in which case should it have foot=yes.

Looking at https://www.seton.co.uk/modular-striped-hoop-guard.html I’d wonder if modular might work, but does not appear in taginfo. Similarly for hoop.

There is one called sections, that appears a small number of times, but I cannot be sure that it refers to the same sort of thing.

So, it should then tagged ;
barrier=fence + fence_type=hoop_guards … isn’t it ?
Maybe someone could add hoop_guards at fence_type then ?

But, on second thought, there is also barrier=bollard, and it states ;

So, it could then also maybe with ; barrier=hoop_guard(s) in a row … ?
I mapped a while ago a row of bollards , but there is not much ‘visible rendered’ it seems …


I see fence_type=hoop_guard may be a better choice. There are situations there is only one of them that acts like a bollard.

you mean like this?

maybe we can give hoop_guard to the way and bollards to nodes of it (?)

But some apps will show it, like OSMAnd. that triangle has barrier=bollard:

in that case maybe ‘simpler’ ; barrier=fence + fence_type=bollards and hoop_guards … because, after all, we are free to choose … if there is enough ‘things’ of the same name/tag, the renderers make it ‘to render’ then … :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there permission to copy your foto onto Wikimedia Commons ?
Then your foto could be added on https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Fence_attributes , with definition/description, and could it be more ‘used’ if there are ‘much of these things’ … :wink:

It’s definitely a fence, in my view, so the new value is on fence_type, not barrier.

It is now here:

I didn’t see much of this combined type, but it’s worth adding :slight_smile:

please add fence_type=hoop_guard too. I used it on this node. I know there are more of this kind of fence to be added. on this node actually there are two hoop_guards tightly close together and to the walls on both side of street. Still someone may jump over them.

So, according to your reasoning, is a row of bollards / guard_rail / hedge / cable_barrier / etc. then also a fence ? If so, then all these things should be valued as 'fence_type , and not as (linear)barrier :roll_eyes: