Perth Intersection crashes Garmin 810

Hi all,

I downloaded some OSM maps from to use on my Garmin 810 for cycling. They’ve been great but it seems to crash my Garmin when entering a certain roundabout.

The map shows the locator icon entering the roundabout then freezes and the Garmin switches itself off. When I uninstall the maps there is no problem.

Is anyone able to suggest solutions for this?

FYI the problem occurs at the roundabout of the intersection of Kent Street and Hayman Road, Kensington, Perth, WA. It only seems to happen when entering the roundabout on Kent St from the south.


Looks like some of the highway from the south (and west) is listed as a cycleway. I am not up on the required attributes for cycleways but someone more familiar may have some idea on how to fix it. Roads from the north and east don’t have the same attributes. Maybe the roundabout also needs the cycleway attributes?