personal POI/tracks


I am an hiker and i have been using locusMaps for a while. I just registered in OSM and I was wandering if there is a way to save a list of personal POI and tracks, I am unable to find how to do it

I have been googling around a bit and found a discussion (i can’t find the link again) dated 2014 where they said it wasn’t possible. The only way i found is using openpoimap but i find it quite complex. I would like something easy like just a right click and save POI, at the end i just have to add 40/50 nice kml tracks

Nope, not possible: it’s not really in scope for the main website which is really a portal for editors (although still useful for map browsing).

You can upload GPS traces in private mode which will be added to the overall public pointcloud which is used to check alignment of imagery & add totally new roads & tracks which post-date available imagery. However, I don’t think this is what you want, although if you are walking in an area where OSM lacks detail it may be generally useful.

I think I’ve used GPSsies in the past (see OSM Wiki page . This has close links with OSM. I’m not entirely sure if you can keep a track completely private though. For smaller scale specific projects (e.g., visualising a walking tour) GPX layers can be imported to and the map kept private.

ok i understand the point! :slight_smile:

Nice I didn’t know GPSsies, it would be useful to discover new places around me

Thank you anyway for the help!

I think you can do what you’re looking for in Locus. If you want a desktop app, try qmapshack.

For personal POIs I use JOSM. You can add anything you want and save it in an .osm file. You can select “discourage upload” for the layer, then JOSM will warn you if you inadvertedly press the upload button.
KML can be handled with the OpenData plugin, but I’ve never used it for that.