PERH (Regional Hospital of Northern EE) Building Shapes

I’ve been working on the PERH building shapes and colours and finally got around to uploading the changeset and with this requesting your feedback and comments.

Thank you!

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Looks good at first glance.
I’ve noticed a strange thing nearby

Is this a road for ambulances?

Then instead of a

it should be

motor_vehicle=no or access=no

Only multipolygon should have building-related tags, way/26874634 needs cleanup.

Thanks, @qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq!

Cleaned up way 26874634, errors and more than halved the warnings on JOSM. Added building colour and roof shapes. I hope the changeset rather solved than created more issues. “Small” change took way longer than I’m willing to admit :slight_smile:

Regarding way 427539140, it is used not only for patient loading/unloading or transfer but for goods/equipment as well. It would make sense to add access=private as it’s for permit holders only. And perhaps change the service tag to something more appropriate or remove completely. WDY’all think?

I’d like to be able to see hospital building names on the map, like on an older version on Mapillary and similar how they show up on ITK.

What would be the correct way to map hospital buildings (“korpus” in Estonian) names? I’ve tried adding as a building name but the names are not shown. Is it a layering issue that the named buildings are under other layers and not shown? :thinking:

You can read the discussion here Render names of building:part · Issue #3188 · gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto · GitHub (and other linked discussions there).

But from what I’ve gathered

  1. building:part is an incorrect way to define a hospital block as main building:part purpose is to be used in 3d mapping.
  2. There is no currently accepted way to tag a hospital block. You may want to read through this, maybe the answer is there, I haven’t read it Tagging healthcare:speciality=* inside a hospital
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The result of that thread was my tag proposal healthcare=department. Right now it has 87 uses around the world, so not too bad for a brand new tag.

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