Penonomé municipality tries to get in contact

Recently the Municipality of Penonomé (Coclé, Panamá) decided they would get in touch with OSM. They did so by asking the local Colombian OSM Chapter. The president of the chapter, Fredy “Humano”, “Buscando Dragones” (I do not know his OSM user name, and I didn’t spend much time to look for it), wrote to one of the two Panamanian Telegram groups, where he found @Alvarado2510 available to realize the contact, which Fredy handed over to @Alvarado2510.

I asked Fredy to know some detail of the letter he received from the Municipality, and I was invited to ask @Alvarado2510. I also inquired as why he wrote to that group instead of perusing the official channels, and I was invited to ask the Latam community.

For the future, please review the database history to look for concerned mappers.

Anyhow, whatever was done is done. Now, if @Alvarado2510 wants to share the task with the community, we can try to help him. Please consider that I’ve been resident of the Penonomé municipality for 6 years, I know the area fairly well, and can use some contacts if necessary.


With you being a resident of the municipality in question, I hope you are contacted eventually to contribute to this process

if I understood correctly, on Friday, February 24th @Alvarado2510 has held a remote meeting with someone from named municipality. would it be possible to be informed about the interest manifested by them? maybe @AngocA or @risturiz from the Colombian community can facilitate the contact with Fredy? he received the initial call, I’m not sure why it should be handled by a single mapper.

hola @humano. … no serías tú, el Fredy que fue contactado por la alcaldía? disculpa la molestia, es que con tantos apodos, no se entiende quién es quién.

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Several days ago, it was discussed in a Telegram Channel of mappers from Panama, where Fredy told @Alvarado2510 about this. I think they are already working with the municipality.

Regarding Colombia, we are not an official chapter; instead, there are several mapping groups. Fredy is president of one of them, the Colombian OpenStreetMap Foundation, which has provided many tools and services to the community.

Hola Andrés, te contesto en español para no confundir el plugin de traducción automática.

Gracias por compartir la información que tienes, con tus impresiones e ideas.

Me permito de puntualizar lo que dices, citando del grupo en que Fredy presentó la petición: (los horarios, UTC-0500)

  • 2023-02-14 12:52 Buscando Dragones
    Hola, amigos y amigas
    Soy Fredy, presidente de la Fundación Openstreetmap Colombia
    Me han contactado del municipio de Penonomé y quieren establecer contacto con la comunidad OSM
    Alguien estaría dispuesto a seguir este contacto?
  • 2023-02-14 17:30 Alvarado2510 :panama:
    Si claro, con gusto.

El día 25 de febrero yo puse la cuestión en esta comunidad,
El día 26 @Carlos_Eduardo_Rodríguez repitió en su grupo mis preguntas, a que @humano (no tengo confirma que se trate de “Fredy, presidente de la Fundación Openstreetmap Colombia”) contestó que ya le había entregado el contacto a @Alvarado2510, que confirmó que él ha estado manejando el contacto y que nos informaría después de carnavales.
Hoy estamos al 11 de marzo, cuarta semana de cuaresma.

Sencillamente, me gustaría saber cuál departamento de la alcaldía escribió, y qué escribieron. Se me hace complicado tocar a una puerta del municipio sobre un contacto que ellos empezaron, sin saber nada de nada.

:ping_pong: :crystal_ball: :ping_pong:
¿hay novedades?

@Alvarado2510, nos cuentas en qué quedó la cosa?

I think you are speaking into the void @mariotomo

I’ve noticed this, yet there’s people on the other side, who have the information I’m begging.
@Alvarado2510, @Carlos_Eduardo_Rodríguez, and Fredy who introduced himself as Presidente de la Fundación Openstreetmap Colombia (@humano).

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