(Peninsular) Malaysian satellite imagery

These are some quite recent imagery that can be used as a tracing or reference layer. They’re all from the EU Sentinel-2 satellite, up to zoom level 15. That’s why they are more suitable as a reference layer especially if you have GPS traces and/or went out for ground truth surveys. Some places are lucky with almost cloud-free, or minimal cloud cover, other places not really so. Best of all, they’re free!

(Appended on 6 October 2016) See this comparison between low resolution Landsat 7 (I think) from Mapbox (same case for Bing) on the left side and Sentinel-2 on the right side.

If you have Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, you can make one by yourselves. Roughly follow this guide to create a colour Landsat 8 satellite imagery.

TMS URL can be obtained from the Export tab.

And as always, these imageries need to be aligned with uploaded GPS traces and/or Strava heat maps first before one can happily begin tracing stuff.

8 June 2016

30 March 2016

More and more…

30 March 2016

16 April 2016

  • Terengganu: KT, some part of Kenyir Lake, Terengganu and Pahang borders etc.

18 July 2016

  • Pahang: Mentakab & Temerloh, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang borders, …

  • Pahang: Jerantut, Ulu Tembeling, …

Been a while… I have made some more but this time I have decided to list them on the Wiki. Way more easier to sort them by date, and probably by region.