Pedestrian area on top of a building

What is the best way to tag a pedestrian area that is on top of a building? I noticed an example Note: 3471802 | OpenStreetMap

Looking at the Mapillary and Bing aerial imagery you can see that it is on top of a building, which also is also part of the art museum. Is it simply a case of adding the pedestrian area as a layer on top of the building?

Map the pedestrian area in the conventional way. Then tag the area on the top of the building with location=roof and layer=1.

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I’d use indoor tagging for that. I know it is technically not indoors, but in my opinion it’s the best way to describe that this area is part of the building.


Sorry for the slight offtopic here, but wouldn’t this indicate in Osmose the error: “Way above ground but no bridge”?

This is probably the right approach, particularlly if you want it to be navigable, you’d need to add ways too.