(PDF) ODbL: A Simple Guide for Businesses

I have seen someone talking about how businesses are scared of the word “license”, so I decided to prepare a short, friendly, and informative guide to ODbL license. This should help encouraging businesses to share their data with OSM (this is not about use of data).


I see this as a friendly supplement, to make it easy for small and medium businesses to understand the ODbL terms. This is intentionally a non-official looking document written in a casual format. The amount of text is limited, with big spaces in-between, making it a very quick and pleasant read. I believe it’s extremely important to make a good first impression, and too much formality, or too much paperwork is a complete opposite of that.

I share this document under CC0 1.0 license (like public domain).

If you have ideas on improving this document, let me know in a reply. Alternatively, you can make the modifications directly, as I have also attached the source .odt file.