pbf import


Trying import europe data to database.

Maybe somebody knows how long take to import ways? How many Kilobytes of ways?

Thank you

If you want to import only ways, you could use osmium to pre-filter just them, which should make import shorter. I don’t know how big it could be however and how long it would take to import it, but it’s a matter of hours probably. Rough estimation would be 21/3=7 GB of data, and I can import 1 GB of data in ~1,5 h on my laptop, so it could be like ~10 h.

Note that it doesn’t say ‘kilobytes’ only ‘kilo’.
Europe is pretty big, that’s going to be a while. And it won’t be finished after that, it will spend some time going over pending ways.
About three months ago, for the whole planet this was:
Processing: Node(4024758k 445.1k/s) Way(430241k 13.94k/s) Relation(5157470 285.99/s)
My guess would be that Europe is probably slightly less than 50% of the data in the planet file.
Maybe you should start with a smaller extract than Europe?

It depends on what’s in your “style” file (that decides what ways actually get imported) and what processing is done e.g. in style.lua on an object by object basis, and of course on how fast the machine you’re running it on is. When I last tried it (in Azure - 28Gb memory, SSD and “enough” cpu) the answer was “longer than I expected” - days rather than hours.

What I’d suggest you do is to take a step back and ask yourself what you actually want a map of, both in terms of geographical area and in terms of objects that you’re interested in rendering. For example, if you only want a road map then you really don’t want underground pipelines, for example.