Payment POI for amenity=parking + fee=yes

Do we have a tagging for POIs where you can pay your parking-fee? We have parking_tickets for “pay and display” (pay in advance) but I couldn’t find anything for paying when leaving.

I tend to (ab)use the parking tickets tagging for that too, but it might be worth having either another tag or more likely subtags for:

  • machines that give you a ticket for “free” that you later need to pay off before you can leave
  • the machines that take your timestamped ticket and let you pay the appropriate amount of money so that you can leave.
  • machines that check you’ve paid before they open a barrier.
  • versions of these that use just you car’s registration and ANPR instead of physical tickets (probably just an extra tag).

While searching our Wiki I found Tag:amenity=payment_terminal - OpenStreetMap Wiki which doesn’t match the style of a ticket-payment-machine (e.g. Search media - Wikimedia Commons) but describes the function.

What are your opinions about changing Tag:amenity=payment_terminal - OpenStreetMap Wiki to describe POIs to do payments, regardless if the look like an interactive kiosk or more like a vending-machine?

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I startet the discussion in Wiki: Talk:Tag:amenity=payment terminal - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I’d be more inclined to refine the parking tickets tagging even if that stretches things a bit more into the non-ticket realm just because I think that tag is already being used for that type of machine.

I don’t know if this sort of thing can even be queried “properly” as it’s about information that’s essentially missing, but as most of the multi-storey parking that I’ve seen tends to be “pay before you leave” rather than “pay and display” so I did a bit of an Overpass turbo query for vending machines and payment terminals within 100m of multi-storey parking. It looks like in the chunk of the UK and Ireland queried only a single car park in Newry has amenity=payment_terminals nearby while several have parking_tickets machines that seem to be associated with them (based on the haphazard method of zooming in at random on clusters that catch my eye).

Payment terminal might make more sense in general but with the many variations in parking payment I think it might be difficult to draw a clear line between the two top level tags. If a facility gives you a ticket on entry and then another box just re-writes it to say you paid is it really vending tickets or is it just a payment terminal? I’ve used ones where tickets are used for the transaction but the barriers actually open before you get to the reader because they’ve got ANPR running in parallel. There might actually be a way to pay for those based just on plate number if you lose your ticket which makes them hybrid machines that are difficult to pin to one category.

Plain vending=parking might make the most sense if we were starting from scratch but we’ve got 21 uses of that and ~76k uses of the parking_tickets tag so I think refining the widely used one is probably the more practical option.

query used

//    nwr["vending"="parking_tickets"](around.parking:100.0);

// print results
out meta;
out skel qt;

node, area
{ color:white; fill-color:white;
symbol-size:1 }

{ color:red; fill-color:red;

{ color:green; fill-color:green;

{ color:blue; fill-color:blue;

{ color:orange; fill-color:orange;
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These ones might be amenity=ticket_validator.