Pavement of parcels

Hi There,

How can I select only pavements or parcels in a city?

For example: I want so show only the lighter areas from the city, minus the roads…

In what tool do you want to perform the selection? (I don’t recognize the rendering style or tool bar on your screenshot.)

Neither pavement nor parcel are terms that are normally used in OSM; what precisely do you mean by them.

The nearest to a UK pavement is highway=…; sidewalk=… (where the sidewalk/footway is not separately mapped) or highway=footway; footway=sidewalk.

This image was not from the program i’m using it for, it was an example for the areas I mentioned.

I want to make the selection in a plugin called “dem Earth” for a 3d program called Cinema4d. The two solution with you said aren’t wat I’m looking for. The area(s) I wanted to have is de boundary of city, minus the roads, parks, etc.

That type of information is not (yet) available in OpenStreetMap, and probably won’t be for a long time, and certainly not consistently across the globe. The “roads” you see, are not areas, but lines. There is a proposal (and a tag scheme currently being used) for area:highway tagging, but that doesn’t include special areas for lots.

The closest thing you could do to achieve something in the direction of what you desire (but it would be a lot of work and never be complete for the entire planet), is to take the landuse=residential/industrial etc. polygons that represent urban build-up areas on small scale zooms, and substract the leisure=park, and possible area:highway polygons and anything else you would like to exclude from them using a GIS, e.g. QGIS or ArcGIS.

This is not going to be an easy task, and results will vary considerably in appearance, considering the inconsistencies in the data.

Well, it possible to extrapolate road width from width= or lanes= tag, or if that fails -from highway= tag.
It wouldn’t be that accurate, but it would be okay for some uses.