Paved, unpaved, etc?


I use Strava (running/biking app/site) to create routes for runs. The routebuilder is created using Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps.
Strava tells you whether the section of road you’ve plotted is paved/unpaved/dirt, which is taken from Mapbox, which is taken from OpenStreetMaps.

I’m looking at a section of road near where I live, and it says on Strava that it’s unpaved, where I know that to not be the case:

In the editor it says there is nothing defined for surface type for this section of road… however, the unpaved part only goes up to SE Lexington, yet the whole segment of road in OSM is for the entirety of SE 13th and not just to Lexington.

any idea what’s going on here?

Hi, could you link to the location on the map? It’s not immediately obvious from the screenshots which city you are editing (unless I missed something)

The location is here.

I can’t see anything in OpenStreetMap data that explains this. Looking at the history, it doesn’t appear there was ever any tag to suggest this street was unpaved, so it doesn’t look like an issue with out of date data. And as you say, the way the street is segmented doesn’t match OSM.

Is it possible that Strava combines OSM data with some other data source? (I am not familiar with Strava myself).

Hi, you tagged Southeast 13th Avenue as surface=paved on 13 July 2020. It may take a while for your software to update re-render the new data.

The sections of Southeast 13th Avenue, Way: Southeast 13th Avenue (120759773) and Way: Southeast 13th Avenue (120759772), do not have a surface tag defined so are taken as neither paved nor unpaved (I don’t think any surface is implied).

I’m not familiar with the software/app you mention does this have any bearing on your problem?