Path and tag fixme


on some places “path” is not displayed on my map but hiking route is displayed fine on same place.
I checked osm data and on this problematic section path contain tag “fixme”.
Can “fixme” tag prevent path from to be displayed?



No, unless you have done something with “fixme” in your styles, the path should be rendered.
What is the exact OSM link of that path?

It is this path

I have displayes there just “Pirkan Taival” hiking route not path and not ski route.
On other places this 3-line-combination works fine :frowning:


Maybe you are using two lines on top of each other?
A line with Hiking route + a line for path?
Then it is likely that sometimes path is on top, but sometimes the hiking route.
You can check with gpsmapedit if both line types are rendered.

If that is ok, then make your typ file in such way that hiking symbols never overlap, for instance a symbol on left or right side of the road,
or make transparent holes in it to see the path.

That’s exactly the case.

That is the trick which I am using and it allows me to see “path”, hiking_route and ski_route simultaneously.

I just checked there are too lines … one is “hiking_route type” 0x0b and second is “unknown type” I think it should be type for skiing route “Unknown type (0x10000, polyline)”.

here is the tile if you want to check:



Maybe there is a bug in your styles then, it stops after processing one of those two lines and it doesnt render highway=path anymore?
Do you use the continue statement?

I do. Mostly continue with_actions in lines file.
You can check my lines file here:


I cant see whats wrong there, maybe report it on the mailing list?

See line 99 in file “lines”, missing resolution value probably breaks continue statement:

rwn_from_relation=yes  		{add mkgmap:label:1='${rref} ${rname}' | '${rref}' | '${rname}'}   		[0x10000 resolution continue with_actions]

Many thanks for finding this! :wink: I spend long time trying to solve it.

best regards