Parking/ Rest Areas

@Fizzie41 I’d expect that this was about the time Qld started “enforcing” HGV only stopping places. (Supposed problems with RV/vans taking up HGV parking space) I remember an online TMR page that had a very pushy story about it. It was obvious from the page that an LV driver couldn’t even use a toilet in a dedicated HGV site, unless their vehicle continued to move (haha)

This is more or less why/how I came up with formal signs having direct OSM tag equivalents. It removes the need to consider changeable or differing legislation in the OSM objects.


Restarea tree and table = highway:rest_area + (2nd tag) amenity:parking access:yes hgv:yes
P = amenity:parking access:yes hgv:yes (opinion)
Phgv hgv=designated
NoHGV hgv=no
NoLV access=no

Just “add” the tags together from each sign