Parking nodes

Hello everyone,

Currently i am working on my bachelor thesis and for that i need to work with OSM data.
I want to make a intelligent parking system for parking lots along the roads (often parking systems just use big parking spaces).
For parking lots along the roads should be used when i understood it right, but this is just an tag for an area (is it?) and i want to have control over every parking lot. The reason behind this is that i want to change the parking space as “free”, “reserved” or “occupied” in my parking system (is there a key/tag for this or should i introduce a new one or what are you suggesting?).
So how and which tag/tags should i use to solve the problem i am having?

Hopefully someone can help me here.

Kind regards

There is
Maybe it is also usable for parking slots along roads.
There is also a dispute due to the fact that some users use amenity=parking for slots along roads because it gets rendered on the map instead of parking:lane. It’s a difficult topic.

But for sure there is no tag for “free” or “occupied” slots. This info doesn’t belong into OSM.

Parking areas are mapped with amenity=parking. In some cases, mappers have added individual parking spaces with amenity=parking_space inside them. But it is more likely that the number of individual spots is mapped with capacity (and capacity:disabled).

For parking spaces along a road, one can use parking:lane and the capacity can be given with parking:lane:left/right:capacity. Those tags are placed on an OSM-way with the tag highway=…

Furthermore, +1 on what RObst3r wrote.

Thanks for the answers. So how would you proceed in my case? Would you just use the tag parking_space also for parking spaces along a road also if parking:lane should normally be used there (not very suitable for my scenario).

I thought that the “free”, “reserved” and “occupied” should not be in there, but thanks for clarifying me on this. Now I am sure to do it besides the map data.

Remember that also if I am not 100% correct with the tag this is not a big problem, because I will not publish the data and just need it for my little project.

Or because the capacity has to be recounted every time that a road is split.

I can confirm that I personally have been re-tagging such amenity=parking to amenity=parking_space