Parking meter IDs

Nice day everyone! I wonder: is there a desire/ongoing activity to map all paid parking areas IDs (or whatever the correct name for that) in the Netherlands? E.g., there is a parking here: I know that its ID (for example for ParkMobile) is 25500. However this information is not present in OSM. It might make sense to add it. However I don’t know

  • if it has been discussed and if a generally accepted agreement exists,
  • and if so, then how to map them (which tag to use).

Feedback is much appreciated.

Hi Kotya,

Thanks for reaching out to the Dutch OSM community. Generally before we add something to the map, we ask ourselves what the added value is. But since parking areas one of the common things in OSM, I think if you want to add the tags it should be possible. But there has to be some strict rules about it. Do you know what kinds of codes these are? Are they standardized? Are they publicly avaliable? What kind of codes are these?

Maybe more information will help us.


So: what is the added value to know the ID of the parking meter?

I never heard of any ID of a parking.
Don’t know what this is about :slight_smile:

I can think of reasons to have a parking ID:

  • When there is a sign in the parking area (and road signs point towards the parking area)
  • To connect to a public database containing usable data via an ID (e.g. opening hours, fees, etc.)

Both of these reasons don’t see to apply to the Dutch parking areas (that I know of).

Each parking area can have it’s own specific opening hours, feeing hours and tariffs. I witnessed in the Netherlands (Delft, to be exact) 2 parking area’s within an distance of a couple of hundred meters, having totally different conditions. If someone would want to develop an app to check tariffs etc. these data are needed, so I can see a need indeed.

But: as there already are a couple of apps (YellowBrick, ANWB) covering this subject, relevant information seems to be existing and available somewhere else, it seems. Still, having it in a open-source database does not hurt. I would support the idea.

kind regards,