Parafarmacia - amenity/healthcare=pharmacy / shop=chemist

As the title suggests, I am asking about the preferred tagging scheme for a parafarmacia. I have node 7486909410 as an example.

I would tag a farmacia (pharmacy) as amenity/healthcare=pharmacy and a parafarmacia as shop=chemist, but I would like to know if you guys agree or if you have a different point of view / preference.

As per the wiki, shop=chemist is a place that sells chemical products for personal hygiene or house cleaning. A parafarmacia instead is like a farmacia, but cannot sell medicines that require a prescription. So, maybe, the correct tagging schema is amenity=pharmacy + dispensing=no.


Okay, thank you for the input. Next year I’ll revert my change to the parafarmacia that I edited.

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They also require 4 more tags

  1. the ref:msal tag with a univocal number as designated by the Ministero della Salute prefill the number with zeros if less than 6 digits.
  2. the source which is Ministero della Salute
  3. start_date=yyyy-mm-dd
  4. ref:vatin with the 11 digit iva number and IT as prefix

The register which has these values is online retrievable and updates every quarter, in fact its 2 parts, for regular pharmacies and the paras.

Osmose will help if pieces are missing and flag on their site map, that is, know for sure for pharmacies, cant remember if it does so for paras too.

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