P2 editing: no background aerial maps with high zoom

when entering edit mode, and zoom a lot, the background aerial maps disappear.
It is visible only with all zoom level but the 2 most magnified.
This complicate the road and building tracing.
Is there a workaround?

Please tell us the area where you want to see aerial images … best would be a permalink to that place.

Maybe we can give you more infos.

here an example:
but happen to all areas I saw.
On the linked map view, going to edit mode, the first 3 zoom in level has the Bing overlay.
Going to 4 and 5 zoom in, I got only the vector map

P2 can only show the imagery that Bing provides. If there’s none at a certain scale, it’s likely that Bing simply doesn’t provide high-resolution imagery in that area.

so the imagery shown at different zoom scale are not the same?
I thoungt that Bing provide the higher zoom scale imagery, and P2 rescale that to lower level.

Anyway, it is possible to interpolate imagery to zoom levels near to one that is available.
Going to zoom out is certainly possible. Going to zoom in, it pixelate, but going to 1.5-2 x is not too bad
This will ease much the map border tracing

Potlatch 2 doesn’t have any facility to ‘scale up’ the imagery and I’m not planning to work on that myself. If anyone else wants to provide a good-quality patch, we could of course integrate it.

is it confirmed that P2 show a different imagery bitmaps for every zoom level?


I’ve just registered and I’ve made a start to contributing to the map by adding some buildings here in my village. The issue reported by efa is similar to what I’m seeing when I trace around a building outline - when I’m zoomed in far enough to trace the outline accurately the Bing image is in one place, but when I zoom out it is in a slightly different place, and at that zoom level my outline is no longer correct. Looking again now, I see that the Bing images at different zoom levels look different, presumably taken on different days.

I’ve looked at other building outlines in the village, which other users have created in the past, and these match the Bing image at all levels of zoom. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if those existing outlines were traced against some other image that was in use before Bing. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

When my traced image appears on the map, it seems to be in the “wrong” location by about 5 to 10 metres. That wouldn’t matter on a 1:25000 Ordnance Survey map, but it feels like a lot on OpenStreetMap…