Overpass weekend maintenance?


I have my local overpass instance and I have noticed at every Saturday/Sunday night I cannot download minute updates for a couple of hours. Do you have any information about the scheduled maintenance window of the overpass?

In general, minutely diffs are served by https://planet.openstreetmap.org - this site is used for all OSM consumers, it’s not Overpass specific in any way. Also, it has no maintenance windows on weekends. Seems to be some other issue on your end.

Thanks for the clarification but I really cannot identify what cannot be wrong on my end. That kind of issue occurs periodically every Saturday night and the overpass returns this error:

Loading state info None failed with: <urlopen error [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address>

is it planet OSM expose any API to communicate with the overpass instance? I wonder how I can investigate where the problem is.

Someone reported the same issue here: https://github.com/wiktorn/Overpass-API/issues/42

Unfortunately, without solution. The message is triggered here: https://github.com/osmcode/pyosmium/blob/master/src/osmium/replication/server.py#L354
But most likely, this is caused by some networking issue.