Overpass turbo request based on Maperitive script

Hello I’m working on a new way to create maps for my association, shifting from home made and hosted tiles to a map based on geojson data overlayed on mapbox maps.

I’m creating the geojson files using overpass Turbo. I therefore need to «convert» my old maperitive scripts to convert them into overpass turbo request.
I managed to get the easy things, like bike parkings, bench, etc… but I have difficulties to retrieve other things, like:

-bike pumps, which are tagged as service:bicycle:pump like in this example: https://www.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/node/3809685822/history I do not find what I should enter in Overpass turbo to get them ?

  • complex requests like this one, made in maperitive to retrieve the pedestrian path: ((highway=path and motor_vehicle=no and not bicycle=yes) or highway=footway) and not (access=private)

Here again, i do not understand how I can create a request following this rules ?

Many thanks for any help.