Overpass Turbo data -> OSRM Walking distance between coordinates


I am new to OSM. I just started writing my thesis but I have some problems with data gathering.

For my thesis I need a list of all nearby restaurants/bars/etc (amenities) from a sold house, I believe I can find these with Overpass Turbo.
From all these amenities I need the walking distance to the sold house.

For example, I need to know for are certain sold house how many restaurants/bars/etc were on walking distance (lets say 500m).
With this information I need to create variables in a dataset for my regression analysis in Stata.

I need a dataset that looks like:
Date longitude latitude soldprice … … restaurants_500m bars_500m
… … … … 5 2

I have the date/coordinates/price of the sold houses.

Can somebody help me?
Any advice would be appreciated!

You might find pandana useful. Have a look at this walk-through.

With this notebook you can adapt the buildings to your sold house and the Bus Rapid Transit will become the amenities. Data will be in pandas which can output to csv /excel.