Overpass Perl client

I use Perl a lot and have recently discovered the wealth of data provided by OSM project. Unfortunately I could not find any Perl module to use to abstract the Overpass API. At the time my need is to find various things within a bbox, for example traffic signals, roundabouts, bus stops.

I propose to make a Perl module to act as a generic Overpass client. The functionality will be to set a query text, make the query, get the results back, save results to file if needed. At the moment it will be for retrieving OSM data (not editing).

On top of this module I propose to use plugins each to use the client in order to do a specific job, like: fetch all traffic lights within this area. Or a more complex (as I recently found) : fetch all roundabouts and estimate their centroid.

If such a module exists please let me know.

If you have any comment on the above design please let me know.

bw, bliako

(thanks for OSM project, it is really great idea and great effort)

Just as inspiration … a seven years old Perl program: https://github.com/Klaus-Tockloth/opaquery/blob/master/opaQuery.pl