Overpass find relations without their members

Related to this topic. I have a list of way id’s that I can select with overpass turbo and then export to JOSM. If I do this I get all ways in JOSM but I am missing the relations. I can also get their relaties with this example but that also gives me all other ways in these relations. I just want the ways that were input together with their relations. Is there a way to achieve this?

I suggest

(  way(id:
6530600, 6530613,
6530630, 6531093,
6531062, 6531063,
6529017, 6529018,
6528941, 6529055,
6530642, 548304151,
6528333, 161345553,
6528948, 6529000,
6529065, 6529066,
6528942, 381947203,
6529291, 6529330
out meta;

This can be executed directly in JOSM, and applying C to way pairs afterwards does the right thing.

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Thanks a lot. Works just fine. So far this is the fastest way to combine these ways. It would be nice if JOSM could batch combine all ways because now i have to select the way-pairs one by one before applying C to combine. Anyway … this is still the fastes way but I keep searching for better ways because we still have more than 35K ways to go.