Overpass availability this morning

Hello everybody,

first of all, I’m sorry for the degraded availability of the Overpass API this morning. There is a pattern of costly but useless requests that overloads the server. As the requests come in low numbers from around 15.000 different IP addresses, the usual IP address based quota mechanism does not help.

If your IP adress is from one of the ranges                 

then please contact me (e.g. per private message here or by email). If these are benign requests then I would like to sort out with you how to solve your actual problem.

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The whois point to São Paulo/SP (Brasil) from a network from Oracle Corporation. I suppose someone here migth be using several IPs from same network to evade the quota mechanism.

I don’t know the provider, but for now just mentioned on the Telegram https://t.me/OSMBrasil_Comunidade/1/68654, Unlikely someone would reply (and maybe the person/organization may be from brazil, but simply is not there).

If you want react immediately, can block (or temporarily just a bit so the entire range become single agent) but if the pattern form this range does not slow down, maybe I try to contact the network, so they can send the complain (which might be more relevant to discourage just get another network).

But like most cloud providers, very sure this IP range have way to link with the users, so if this message on the forum plus the telegram message does not resolve, still viable make sure the user behind these ranges know about the problem.