Overpass API: Wildcard query such as "v=abc*" possible?

Given the following non-wildcard query:

(or http://www.overpass-api.de/api/xapi?node[name=San Francisco])

Is there a way to query this way:

(or http://www.overpass-api.de/api/xapi?node[name=San*])

… and getting results like “San Francisco”, “San Jose”, …

The example above is actually not working, just used it to explain my needs.


Please give working example(s)… why wouldn’t you?

I don’t have working examples, that’s why I am asking…

As I said, the one that I have provided is actually not working (try it), just used it illustrate my use case…

You provided two links. Both links don’t work as the name=San… part is not included in the right
way so that parameter never reaches the server. The server gets a broken query.

Can’t you provide links that are correct?

That the server can’t handle your query is something different.

These were never written as links. They are just plaintext URLs, and our stupid forum software tries to turn them into links (but fails to do so properly because they contain brackets). Please don’t blame users, especially new users, for the shortcomings of our forum software.

If you really want to test the URLs, then copy them into your address field manually. However, I can’t see why you would even need to open the URLs to decide whether or not you can answer the original question.

As for that question, I’m unfortunately not aware of a wildcard query feature in Overpass API.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I cannot answer this question either. But there is an alternative way to get the requested results: offline.
Some software is able to filter .pbf or .o5m files. I am not sure if Osmosis is able to deal with wildcards, but osmfilter surely is.

Therefore you could:

  • download the regional .pbf file
  • convert it to .o5m format (osmconvert)
  • filter it with osmfilter

I was not blaming anyone.

Just trying to help someone.

Please don’t blame me for that.

It helps someone reading this topic - Search with wildcard.