Other World Projections

Hi, my name is giacomo faiella.

I design peculiar maps of the world.

i would like to know if is possible to create a way to see different projections of the planet Earth?
As a default map, OpenStreetMap has used the mercator projection, just like google maps.
It would be interesting to have the opportunity to choose from maps with different projections, perhaps in the form of a list, and be able to make transitions between one map and another.

like in this example: https://www.jasondavies.com/maps/transition/

If this is possible, it would be fantastic to integrate “artistic” projections of the world as well;
maps of parallel worlds to navigate your way around the planet.
I would like to start a work team to create this possibility, in perfect creative-commons style.
I have 4 world maps that I designed and that are the exact example of what i mean, and could make the base to start this project.

  1. is the “Planisphere Palindrome” and is readable upside up or
    upside down, like an ambigram. You can see that land masses
    and oceans have exactly the same shape.

Corresponding Points:
Australia = Mediterranean Sea,
Africa = Pacific Ocean,
Asia = Indian Ocean,
America = Atlantic Ocean,
Antarctica = Arctic Ocean,
India = Bay of Bengal,
Indochina = Arabian Sea,
Sumatra = Caspian Sea,
Borneo = Black Sea,
Philippines = Red Sea,
New Zealand = Baltic and North Sea,
Japan = African Great Lakes,
Madagascar = Sea of Okhotsk,
Tasmania = Adriatic Sea,
Kamchatka = Mozambique Channel,
Sri Lanka = Ganges Delta,
Antille = Amazon River.

Two Focus or Fixed Points: One in India and the other in Venezuela

article about this map http://bigthink.com/strange-maps/594-mind-over-map-the-world-is-what-you-make-it

  1. “Fractaland” where every part of the world is made up of
    the entire world.

  1. “Morph World” where the eastern hemisphere has the same
    shape as the western hemisphere.

Examples of Twinned Areas:
Australia = Greenland,
Africa = South America,
Europe = Central America,
Asia = North America,
Madagascar = Peninsula Antarctica,
New Zealand = United Kingdom,
Tasmania = Iceland,
Fenno-Scandinavia = Baja California Peninsula,
Turkey = Florida,
Italy = Yucatan Peninsula,
Greece = Mississipi River Delta,
Borneo = Baffin Island,
New Guinea = Ellesmere Island,
Japan = Victoria + Banks Islands,
Philippines = Sverdrup Islands,
Sumatra = Newfoundland,
Sicily + Sardinia + Corsica = Cuba + Hispaniola + Jamaica,
Strait of Gibraltar = Panama Canal.

  1. is called “Pangaeahedron - the dimensional drift” and is still work in progress. This is a link to the version 1.0. It is my most recent work on a world map, with a similar logic behind it.

You can see when the map is closed, it is a smooth globe of an extreme
pangaea, i.e. just a landmass without oceans. When you open the globe, the surface becomes an azhimutal projection with oceans, seas, rivers and also mountains (this is why "dimensional
drift). A history of the Earth from a proto-globe without oceans to the present flat-map disposition of continents with seas.

The connecting thread between these maps is the coincidences that link two or more areas together, it would be nice to find a way to highlight these connections between two different points on the planet Earth. It could be a concrete cartographic concept to create a twinning effect between peoples that are generally distant and give us the chance to visualize new brotherhoods.

You can see all of these maps on www.pata-atlas.jimdo.com

Thank you for your time,
giacomo faiella giaalef@gmail.com