OSRM returns a long route detour

Could someone help me understand why OSRM is return a long detour between these two lat/lng pairs, whereas if I switch the profile to Graphopper I get back a shorter route that’s way more direct.
Here’s a screenshot of the route using Car(osrm) profile:

And here’s a screenshot of the route with Car(graphopper) profile.

The two locations are:
Location1: -33.9541, 25.4686
Location2: -33.9386, 25.4669

Anyone know what’s going on here? Does it have to do something with the car profile in osrm?

Thank you

Here’s the other image with graphopper car profile:

Port Elizabeth! I mapped some of that. Give me a second and I’ll check tags for any wrong restrictions. Maybe something bad around Bay West.

I think I found the issue. The bridge over the N2 freeway near Bay West Mall still had proposed tags. I have now removed them: Way History: ‪Bay West Boulevard‬ (‪250213836‬) | OpenStreetMap

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Thanks @Firefishy, it still doesn’t seem to affect the route directions. Does it take some time for changes to come into effect?

Yes, two weeks is normal for public free routers.

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