OSRM foot mode

Hi everybody,

I’m testing OSRM, service direction, but I’m not sure to well understand the differents options.
See bellow one URL of test :

I would like to obtain the shortest way possible, I thought that it was possible to use the “walking way” in the foot mode.

Could you please tell if I missunderstood.

Thanks in advance.

router.project-osrm.org only offers a car routing service. You can change the word “driving” to “foot” or “cycle” or “giant_badger” if you like but it won’t make any difference - you’ll still only get a car route.

If you want to run a foot router, you’ll either have to set up your own instance of OSRM, or use another service (such as Graphhopper or Mapzen).

Thanks for your reply Richard.

I arrived at the same conclusion, I resolved my problem with the use of mapzen