OSMUK folks. We have a UK forum right here!

Message to OSMUK folks who are discussing on Loomio whether we could install forum software

We have a UK forum right here!

There’s also an atom feed of UK posts. Maybe we could syndicate these forum discussions onto https://osmuk.org

Also hello to any folks who hang out here on the UK forum! Heard of OSMUK?!

I wonder what percentage of folks who participate on here, are also chatting on OSMUK’s Loomio. Is there lots of crossover? or are these weirdly separate communities, like ships passing in the night?

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Hello Harry!

It’s fairly low-volume here - I tend to post GB-specific questions of my own to the talk-GB mailing list, but do answer questions here (often from people for whom the forum is the default for their community, so they not unnaturally assume that other communities are the same).

I had always assumed that the reason why the OSM UK chapter (which is a subset of people involved in OSM in the UK) wanted a separate forum was that they wanted a closed rather than an open space, together with the ability to do e.g. polls which aren’t natively supported by FluxBB (though it looks like there’s an add-on for that: https://fluxbb.org/resources/mods/simple-poll/ ), and at least one of the people involved in setting up the UK chapter was not a fan of open mailing lists.

One thing that does seem to be missing - https://openstreetmap.community/ (and https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index which it gets its data from) doesn’t seem to know about the forum. I’d have expected a “world-level” resource in https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index/tree/master/resources/world for it.

Edit 20210207:

I’ve created https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index/pull/417 to request a forum link at the top level.

Edit 20210819:

https://github.com/osmlab/osm-community-index/pull/417 was rejected.


At OSM France we decided to continue using Loomio (with the reduced rate), because it allows to officially validate the decisions. We don’t have any other tools as practical as this one yet.
We are waiting to see what will happen.

OSM France Treasurer

Very interesting, I wasn’t aware that OSM-Fr used Loomio too. I do find the logon process rather tedious.

Very interesting, I wasn’t aware that OSM-Fr used Loomio too. I do find the logon process rather tedious.

I am gobsmacked that this forum isn’t much more active for OSM… I hate mail lists… they are so 1990’s. I know about the OSM help forum but that isn’t really for general discussion AFAIK.

Mailing lists work far better when away from the PC, web forums do not work well on a small mobile phone screen.

Mailing lists also allow messages to be viewed in threads, rather than a chronilogical list where it is difficult to see who is replying to what.