OSMTracker question and other Android Apps

Just got an Android phone (Motorola Droid X). So I’ve been exploring the Apps that are available to me. I hoping to enhance my OSM experience as far as viewing the map as well as making improvements with tracks and editing.

I’ve downloaded a couple Apps so far, Vespucci 0.6.7 and OSMTracker. Seems like Vespucci is good for viewing OSM as well as making minor edits. OSMTracker, as the name would imply, seems to be good for tracking.

Two questions: Are there better Apps for Android phones for using OSM? and more specifically, when I use OSMTracker, and make a track, it has the option to export the GPX. Where is it exporting this GPX file to? I think it is just saving it in the files of my phone but it would be cool if it was putting it online somewhere, perhaps straight to trace uploads of openstreetmap.org

do you already know the listing in the OSM wiki?