Why OSMTagInfo doesn’t work in template{{#tag:osmtaginfo||key={{{key}}}}}?

Do you mean when using the Taginfo template? Because writing something like


in the wiki does work.

Check templates: Template:ValueDescription & Template:KeyDescription.
It use to display Taginfo for any key or tag, but not anymore.

At least for me it still displays the Taginfo numbers in the infoboxes.

So when you go to any Key/Tag page, such as http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:incline (random example), you don’t see the numbers?

Yes. I don’t see anything related to Taginfo.
It was fine a few month ago.

Well, as I said it still works for me. Have you blocked any external Images, Scripts or the like?

I would also appreciate if someone else could chime in here to tell us whether it works for them.

Works fine.

I do not recall I did.

That is what I see:

Also works fine for me.

What browser are you using? Try disabling any browser add-ons. Or try using a different browser.

Firefox 23.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate

Is it possible that Adblock Plus was the cause of this problem?
Now everything is fine.