OsmPoi android application. Beta testers needed.

Hi All,

I’m currently developing android application for offline POI searching in OSM database.
The current app state is highly beta, so if somebody want to try it and report any issue - I would appreciate it!

Application is open source, so whole code and latest ready-to-install binaries may be found at http://code.google.com/p/osmpoi-android/.

Any feedback is welcome!


I took my time and tested the app.
And came to the result that it is working. And that it is the first app that I saw where you can enter the poi in a specific preselected language.
It downloaded the pfb (or equal) file for Israel what took its time as its a big file (don’t know how it would be to download UK or Germany) and somehow the app stuck several times in the extracting.
Then I had the Import icon in the “task bar” and it stayd there. Not removable. I had to restart the device to make it disappear.

But expcept that I see nothing new that I didn’t have with OSMAND.
So why not adding those language feature to OSMAND?

Any other reason to use this tool?

One of the reasons I started it - is frequency of updates. Osmand uses it’s own file format for POI database, and updates are really not so frequent.
I’m use well known PBF format. And it’s really easy to find up to date extracts in this format. For example, geofabrik have these files updated daily.
Downloading file will as fast as your internet connection, and I agree that big part of downloaded info will be useless, as most of it is big forest, rivers, and other naturals.
The UK and Germany files are really big, about 1G, and I don’t think it may be useful to download whole country. I’m think it make sense to download only needed city.

The extract process isn’t too simple and may take some time and CPU, but it worth waiting :slight_smile:

Also, I developing flexible categories for searching, like you’ll be able to select fuel brand (operator) before searching, and list of available brands will be fetched from the existing data.

And really thank you for feedback!

I am going to test the app and see if I can find any issues but my phone is quite new and I cant get it to download UK map data at the moment. Once I have made some changes to the phones setup I will try it out. I am interested in developing map applications so I thought I’d start by checking out whats out there and to help out where possible.

The up to date UK file (great_britain.osm.pbf) is 408M
I never checked such a huge files, so be warned that importing process may take few hours, and resulting database may occupy about 1G or even more.
As option, you can try to download smaller parts:
england.osm.pbf 338M
scotland.osm.pbf 45M
wales.osm.pbf 21M
which is also selectable from the list.

Thank you very much, I’ll try the Welsh file

I uninstalled the program then reloaded it with the Wales data. At 20.01 I had a message saying optimizing grid and its still saying that after 2:50mins. I am not sure how long it should take; I am using an sony xperia S. I will be running it overnight but a rough idea of how long these thing take would be very helpful.:slight_smile:

I could not get the Wales file imported. I download this to my pc and copied it across via usb. I not yet been able to get the grid to finish optimising. I am mow trying to load the ‘isle of man’ data from ‘settings’. I’ll keep trying to get it working, I may well be doing something daft but I am new to this so not quite sure what to do if this does not work. Suggestions welcome

I could not get the app to function:

Is it a version problem maybe?
Have I missed something simple and obvious?

I have pretty much explored all the avenues; I am happy to try other ideas to get a solution. I also would be happy to do some user documentation to aid others as I understand this is a good way to start off in the community.

Thanks for testing! Can we move to the google code issue tracker (http://code.google.com/p/osmpoi-android/issues/list)?
Also, I’m going to prepare desktop application to import big files, so the process will take less time.