Osmosis String Question

I’m trying to extract a part of the planet file. The only program with english instructions found is Osmosis. The instruction page has many wonderful examples, but not one for a simple extraction. I first hoped to use the polygon function, but was unable to find one for the USA. The next best option seems to be using the coordinate box limits. Does anyone know if this will this work?

osmosis --read-xml file=“planet1.osm” --bounding-box left=“-124.5” right=“-67.0” bottom=“24.5” top=“49.4” --write-xml file=“subset.osm”


PS: I’m really surprised that someone doesn’t host a weekly USA subset for easy download. =]

On Linux (and possibly Windows as well) you need use the command ‘java -jar osmosis.jar…’ to get osmosis started, but it looks fine otherwise.

Well, it just needs someone to do it. Are you volunteering? :wink:

It looks like someone heard your prayers: USA extracts.

and what about Windows?? if i would like to use bzcat???