Osmosis query delivers wrong result

Hi, I downloaded planet.osm and installed osmosis. My aim now is to filter all keys and ways from “natural=water” and existing “name” tag. Letter one does not work. The query delivers also nodes and ways with not existing “name” tag.

osmosis --rbf \planet\planet-latest.osm.pbf --nkv keyValueList="natural.water,name=*" --wkv keyValueList="natural.water,name=*" --wx \planet\lakes.osm

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

For who is interested: “Note that this filter only operates on nodes. All ways and relations are filtered out.”

Use osmfilter which ought to do what you want. or osmium or do a more complex query with osmosis using --tag-filter.

For the planet I’d suggest using osmium, for smaller quantities of data (say europe & smaller) then osmfilter is probably quicker.