Osmosis or rails_port problems

I installed rails_port on Ubuntu 9.10 machine, created the db structure (Postgresql) with db migrate, downloaded planet.osm.

I start import with osmosis and get error - incorrect schema version. osmosis complains about 5 or 6 migrations. How this can be when the db schema is made with rails_port? Is osmosis outdated?

And a second question - in the begining of import I get tons of “unknown xml element changeset” errors. What do they mean and how can I get rid of them?

The osmosis schema is out of data and you need to disable the Schema checking. There is an option to do that in osmsosis, but don’t quite remember it at the moment. I think it tells you how to do it in the error message though

Not sure about the second part, sorry

Great… The only available tool to manipulate the planet.osm dump is outdated… More than this - the rails_port db:migrate also contains errors…