Osmosis: does it support \-continued lines or not?

The documentation says it does support using \ to continue lines in a procedure file, but it doesn’t work for me. Is there some undocumented switch I need to use?

I don’t know the solution, but what about asking this special question on the OSM Dev mailing list or even the Osmosis Development mailing list?

I think this is a feature of your operating system or shell/command prompt, not a feature of Osmosis. So will depend on what operating system you are using.
I suspect this \ is mostly a Linux thing, which may not work on Windows.

It seems the Windows command prompt uses the ^ (caret) symbol to continue lines.

I’m running FreeBSD and using tcsh. The only thing I can guess is that, since the backslash escapes the next char, tcsh is passing the byte in as part of the concatenated command line, but osmosis isn’t throwing it away as it should, but is interpreting it as a newline and getting confused and upset.

I’m surprised that osmosis seems to require everything to be on the command line rather than allowing commands to be passed in via a file. It doesn’t make anything easier.